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Speak Up, Speak Out!

purpose-open-door-policy_b8f0dbef670b2e6dIt may seem like we’re trying hard to encourage readers of this blog to “get involved”—and that’s exactly right. The Ohio Library Council depends on its members to bring their best ideas and skills forward, in order to help prepare and present the OLC’s nationally recognized programming content.  And that’s where you come in.

OLC educational opportunities to present come in many forms:

Convention and Expo – the premier annual event, covering the “big picture” in library issues across the state and around the world. Breakouts sessions range from one-hour programs and panel discussions to “un-programs,” rapid-fire LIBChats, and graphical poster sessions illustrating a concept.

Specialized Conferences – more subject-specific educational programming developed by Committees and Divisions and presented at locations throughout the state. These events may be targeted at different regional or size/service-based library groups; it’s a relatively new format, so think creatively.

Workshops & Retreats – including the 2018 OLC Technical Services Retreat. Focused in scope and targeted to specialty groups within the library, these events can include peer-to-peer training by recognized experts in a particular field.  We’ll be looking for your TS Retreat program submissions this summer!

Webinars – sixty- to ninety-minute, focused online presentations dealing with a single topic, such as RDA, patron-driven acquisitions, managing digital collections, and so on. Save funds and reach more participants with your knowledge.

Do you have experience to share? Do you want to connect with your peers and advance your skills in technical services?  We know you do, and OLC programming is the best way to do so in Ohio libraries!  Feel free to contact a TS Division Action Council member to learn how to get started.

— Michael Christian-Budd

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Handouts and slides from the 2015 OLC Convention and Expo

If you missed the Convention & Expo (CAE) last month, or wanted a copy of the slides or handouts from a program, you can still see the slides and handouts from some programs presented the CAE for a limited time at the OLC’s web site here.

Two Technical Services Division-sponsored programs have slides available there (The Patron-Publisher : local authors @ the library, and Digitization, Metadata, and Selecting a CMS: A Case Study).

The slides for the Patron-Publisher program are also available on a more permanent basis courtesy of the panelists:


–Mike M

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OLCTSD 2015 post-chapter conference round up

A big thank you to everyone in the Ohio library community who attended the OLC’s chapter conferences and especially to those who presented programs at them.

The Technical Services Division sponsored a number of programs at the chapter conferences this year, and if you attended and wanted a copy of the slides use by the presenters, or missed the programs and want a look at what was covered, we’ve uploaded them here to the OLCTSD blog.

RDA without Tears (MS Powerpoint slides)

OMG it’s RDA (MS Powerpoint slides)

 It’s Electric! slides (Google Drive presentation)

It’s Electric! handout (Google Drive document)


-Mike Monaco

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As reported from OLC Chapter Conference, Kent State, March 27, 2013

Attendees at yesterday’s OLC Chapter Conference at Kent State could enhance their knowledge base of technical services issues with 3 exciting programs.  Sevim McCutcheon, Kent State University cataloger informed about 40 attendees in a clear, succinct fashion about the changes we will encounter with the new RDA records.  300 fields, abbreviations, exact transcription were all explained.  “If you know more, you will find more: tips and tricks to find almost anything in your catalog” drew more than 50.  A standing room only audience learned about stopwords, genre headings and subject subdivisions from Mike Monaco, cataloger at Cleveland Public Library.  Christine Burroughs, librarian at Shaker Height Public Library, quickly segued into reality examples.   In the afternoon about 40 attended a panel discussion entitled “Best Practices in Technical Services Workflow.”  Presented by three experienced managers, Jean Gaffney, Dayton Metro Library, Connie Strait, Greene County Public Library and Marilyn Zielinski, Toledo-Lucas Public Library, the audience could easily understand the issues of introducing and incorporating change into a department’s workflow.  The Technical Services Division Council officers – Christine, Connie, Jean, Marilyn and Mike, as well as Sevim, will be repeating these programs at varying OLC Spring chapter conferences.  Check the OLC website http://olc.org/chap_confs.asp for dates and times.

“Knowledge starts from experience” – Aristotle

reported by Christine Burroughs, Coordinator, OLC Technical Services Division

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RDA basics for copy catalogers

Sevim McCutcheon of the Kent State University Library presented a program called “RDA basics for copy catalogers” at the Ohio Library Council’s Northeast Chapter.  As the title suggests, this program was a “crash course” in RDA and was aimed at helping copy catalogers recognize RDA records and verify that they match the item in hand by comparing the  transcribed fields in MARC records created according to AACR2 and RDA.

The Powerpoint presentation for her program is here and a helpful document for copy catalogers (which includes some agency-specific instructions for Kent State staff) is here (PDF file).

–Mike Monaco

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Best Practices in Technical Services Workflow

Jean Gaffney of Dayton Metro Library, Connie Strait of Greene County Public Library, and Marilyn Zielinski of Toledo-Lucas Public Library presented “Best Practices in Technical Services Workflow” at the Ohio Library Council’s Northeast Chapter conference March 27, 2013.  All three shared their experiences in studying their libraries’ Technical Services work flow and provided recommendations for other libraries interested in become more efficient.   The Powerpoint presentation is here and the handout is here (MS Word document). This program will be repeated at other Chapter conferences with the same presenters and/or the fourth collaborator on this presentation, Robin Nesbitt of Columbus Metropolitan Library.

–Mike Monaco

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If you know more, you will find more

Christine Burroughs of Shaker Heights Public Library, and Mike Monaco of Cleveland Public Library, presented the program “If you know more, you will find more: tips and tricks from insiders for finding almost anything in your catalog” at the Ohio Library Council’s Northeast Chapter conference on March 27, 2013 at Kent State University.  This program gives some tips on more effectively searching your ILS and/or OPAC, especially for those situations where simple keyword searches either fails or gives you too many hits.

The slides from the program are here (Google docs presentation — offline temporarily for updates) and the two handouts are here (Google Docs document) and here (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet).

This presentation will also be offered at the OLC North Chapter conference on April 18.

–Mike Monaco

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