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ALAO TEDSIG 2016 Workshop — August 12, 2016, The University of Akron, Ohio

In the library technical services world, long acronyms are de rigueur, but ALAO TEDSIG is an overachiever, putting to shame NOTSL, ALCTS, and even the OLC TSD in that department. But I won’t hold it against them, because the ALAO TEDSIG is bringing Terry Reese to my library for a full day on using MarcEdit! Announcement follows:


ALAO TEDSIG 2016 Workshop

The ALAO Technical, Electronic, and Digital Services Interest Group (TEDSIG), with cooperation from the University of Akron Libraries, is pleased to announce its 2016 workshop, “Streamlining Technical Services Workflows with MarcEdit,” with speaker and MarcEdit creator Terry Reese (Head, Digital Initiatives, The Ohio State University). Registration is open for the TEDSIG Workshop (August 12, 2016) at Bierce Library, University of Akron. This workshop will be on how to use MarcEdit to streamline typical technical services workflows, especially as they pertain to cataloging, file loading, and electronic resources. This workshop’s target audience are both those new to MarcEdit, and those who are familiar with MarcEdit but need a refresher.



–Mike Monaco

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Making MarcEdit work for you

Terry Reese presented an informative program on using his MarcEdit software.  The slides are here.

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