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Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms (LCGFT)

Have you heard of the new LCGFT terms?  Genre/form terms are used in catalog records to describe what a work is, versus subject headings which describe what a work is about.  In early 2015, the Policy and Standards Division (PSD) of the Library of Congress began to approve new “general,” music, and literary genre/form terms for the LCGFT thesaurus.

Many libraries already use LCGFT terms such as Comedy films and Children’s television programs on records for videorecordings.  And even though LC hasn’t yet announced when it will officially implement the approved terms in new cataloging, catalogers have started to see new LCGFT terms being applied to records in various formats, for example:

655 #7 $a Biographies. $2 lcgft

Some links to watch for LCGFT updates from the Library of Congress:

In addition, Adam L. Schiff of the University of Washington has posted LCGFT training slides and implementation notes at https://staffweb.lib.washington.edu/units/cams/support-and-training/lcgft-training, which libraries are free to use and modify.

— Michael Christian-Budd

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RDA training materials at the Library of Congress web site

The Library of Congress has made their RDA training materials available on their website, here.

–Mike Monaco

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