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Graphic Novel Call Numbers

I am wrapping up purchasing for the year so I did a big graphic novel order last week. This is a collection that I’m feeling really good about lately because a member approached me this fall when I was covering the reference desk and raved to me about Medina’s graphic novels. She told me she tells all her friends to come here for these items, and she and I bonded over the fact that there are so many amazing graphic novel biographies, memoirs, and diverse stories these days. Then I told her that I am the person responsible for selecting all titles in that collection and to let me know if there’s ever something she’d like to see added, and she pretty much melted into a puddle of joy and gratitude. The point is this was a truly life affirming moment and I may have shed a tear like a proud mama in the privacy of my office.

Circling back around to my grand intention here, I do still have some personal questions about cataloging graphic novels.

When I build a cart for a graphic novel order in Bibz I manually type in the call number so that what I have chosen comes processed correctly on the spines of these items. For series the call number will be, for example, “GRAPHIC SAGA” or “GRAPHIC BATMAN.” For all other standalone titles I assign the author’s last name: “GRAPHIC WILLIAMS.”

To make this collection as accessible as possible (and maintain my own personal glow from that praise I received) I’m wondering if there’s another way y’all assign call numbers for graphic novels. I’m a big fan of simplicity so I’m not wont to create too many rules, but I’m interested in others’ ideas.

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OLC Convention & Expo 2020: Developing Greatness

The Ohio Library Council’s Convention & Expo Program Committee is currently accepting program proposals. C&E 2020 will be held in Columbus, Ohio, October 28-30, 2020.

The Program Committee has reached out to our Technical Services Division to solicit quality tech services-related programming, and we would like to extend that call to the wider community. Please consider submitting a program form at

Do you have an idea but aren’t able to present it yourself? Feel free to contact the Tech Services Division at any time with your recommendations or questions.

The Call for Programs for C&E 2020 is open through February 3, 2020.

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