What do Hillary, Donald, and OLC have in common?

They’re all in need of your vote!

OLC is conducting a special election that could amend OLC’s Code of Regulations. The first proposal is to dissolve the six OLC Chapters following the 2017 Chapter Conferences, the second is to update titles of the OLC officers.

For more information, there is an online comprehensive document about these proposals (PDF), specific amendments to the OLC Code of Regulations (PDF) necessary to implement these proposed changes. There’s also a webcast about the amendments and proposed changes.  

Members may vote online on OLC’s website, or at www.olc.org/OLC2016FallVote/Vote/frmVote.php?hashid=bWljaGFlbC5jaHJpc3RpYW5idWRkQGNpbmNpbm5hdGlsaWJyYXJ5Lm9yZ0Nocmlz but you’ll want to do it soon, all votes must be cast by 5:00 on Friday October 14th.

Voting results will be announced on October 19th.

As for Donald and Hillary….sorry, you’re on your own.




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