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What to do with those dirty, stinky books?

One of the things I like best about a shared blog is the variation of subject matter. So, that said, let’s talk about stinky books…

Getting the most from your popular collections has become a real need in a time where everyone is trying to stretch their budgets further and further. Workshop options on book repair often focus on archival repair only, and it can be hard to apply the skills learned to those well-used items in your collection.

So, what do you do with those dirty, stinky books? You know the ones, they’re the most popular items in the collection, but they’re also getting pretty ratty. Well, there’s good news! You may not have to throw them away! OLC’s Technical Services Retreat in 2016 is offering a Popular Materials Repair program. It’s an opportunity to come and learn how to keep those well-circulated materials looking good and ready for the next customer.

This will be just one of many offerings at our 2016 retreat. Keep an eye on  OLC’s website for save the date information coming in January, and mark your calendars. Who knows? Maybe you really can save those stinky books.


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