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Are you ready for change?

In case you haven’t heard, OLC’s annual Convention and Expo is appropriately titled “Destination Change” this year.

With libraries facing huge adjustments in budgets, staffing, and technology, this year’s expo is especially important to those that are facing these particular kinds of change.

OLC’s Technical Services division will be offering a variety of options that will help you navigate our ever-changing library landscape. This year’s offerings will include:

Hubs and Spokes: An Update on Ohio’s Digitization Hubs (Stephen Hedges, et alia.)

Digitzation, Metadata, and Selecting a CMS: A Case Study (Katrina Marshall and Stephanie Bricking)

Technical Services Organization for the 21st Century (Jeanne Gaffney, Patricia Spaite, and Bobbie Patridge)

The Patron-Publisher: Local authors at the library (A panel of public and technical services librarians)

Add in the opportunity to network with colleagues, visit with vendors, and see first-hand what changes could be in store for your library system. Please consider attending OCL’s Convention and Expo this year and get ready for change!

For more information on programs and registration:



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