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OLCTSD 2015 post-chapter conference round up

A big thank you to everyone in the Ohio library community who attended the OLC’s chapter conferences and especially to those who presented programs at them.

The Technical Services Division sponsored a number of programs at the chapter conferences this year, and if you attended and wanted a copy of the slides use by the presenters, or missed the programs and want a look at what was covered, we’ve uploaded them here to the OLCTSD blog.

RDA without Tears (MS Powerpoint slides)

OMG it’s RDA (MS Powerpoint slides)

 It’s Electric! slides (Google Drive presentation)

It’s Electric! handout (Google Drive document)


-Mike Monaco

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Linked Data is coming! What is it? How do I use it? Help!

These two good websites will help to answer questions and provide information about Linked Data and libraries.

Linked Data – Connect Distributed Data Across the Web (

Putting it briefly, linked data is about using the Web to connect data that was not previously linked. For example, all of our library’s’ online catalogs are good sources of electronic data, but they are not linked to the World Wide Web to make searching easier for patrons. This website provides good background information as an introduction to linked data. It has sections for guides and tutorials, FAQs, a glossary, tools, and posters.


Data Strategy and Linked Data (

This site is provided by OCLC, a trusted name in the library world. The site gives a good background on what linked data is, and how it can work to make libraries’ OPACs more visible to Web users from whatever sites they are using, such as Google or Facebook. Looking under the section for Data Strategy and Linked Data, the Community link offers a place to share ideas and participate in the discussion and development of Linked Data. In Data Sets and Services access is provided to tools and data to help create and improve applications.

To get started learning about Linked Data, these two sites offer a good definition and background information for those of us who are just beginning to become acquainted with Linked Data. This may be a completely new concept, but it is exciting to know that libraries will have an important part to play in the World Wide Web and data access.

Jo Anne Schiefer

Manager, Tech Services

Tiffin-Seneca Public Library

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