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New Best Practices bring sense to cataloging challenging formats

The Online Audiovisual Catalogers Cataloging and Policy Committee (OLAC CAPC) has just published two new Best Practices Guides

  • “Best Practices for Cataloging DVD-Video and Blu-ray Discs Using RDA and MARC21.” It is noted that “the focus of this new document is to provide a set of “best practice” recommendations rather than a step-by-step instruction manual for cataloging DVD-video and Blu-ray Discs. One reason for this shift is that RDA cataloging practice is far from settled, particularly in regard to special format materials. Best practice recommendations will likely be easier to manage as RDA instructions evolve.”

After a brief review of the 100+ page documents, they seem to be thorough, clear and well thought out. Tell us what you think!

— Christine Weaver-Pieh

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