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Cataloging DVDs and Blu-rays in RDA

I asked the Online Audio-Visual Catalogers (OLAC, Inc.) listserv for suggestions regarding what a cataloger who would like to learn to catalog DVDs & Blu-rays in RDA.

Here is a comprehensive list of the recommended online resources.  The suggestions pointed to two kinds of resources — documents on cataloging used by particular institutions, and slides used at various presentations.

Workflow documentation:

Stanford’s templates for records covering various common situations, such as a single film on DVD, a compilation with no collective title, etc., along with discussion of the MARC tags and applicable RDA and PCC guidelines.  This document is also available in the RDA toolkit under Tools/Workflows/Global workflows/Stanford Video Cataloging.

Special Library Cataloging (SLC) also has made their “cheat sheets” publicly available, and these include a general Video sheet, as well as format-specific sheets for DVDs and Blu-rays.


Slides from a 2013 presentation given by Susan C. Wynne, giving a step-by-step walk-through of cataloging a DVD.  <update: here is the presentation with audio!>

Slide notes from a 2013 presentation by Cathy Crum and Bill Shrout on using RDA for various non-book formats, with plenty of examples:

Slides from a 2012 OLAC presentation given by Jay Weitz, with helpful illustrations:

Although no-one mentioned this in response to my query, I would be remiss if I did not mention Bobby Bothmann’s excellent presentation given at the 2014 Ohio Library Council Technical Services Retreat, which also provides a walk-through on cataloging a DVD.

–Mike Monaco

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